The Award Categories 2024

Volunteer of the Year

We are looking to recognise someone who selflessly devotes themselves to a cause. It doesn't have to be normal volunteering, although it could be. Perhaps our volunteer champion runs a kid's football team, organises neighbourhood watch, is a hospital visit or is on the board of school governance? Please enter them in this category if they provide an invaluable, unpaid service to the community.

Community Project of the Year

Help us celebrate a project that has triumphed in the community. This will be a project supporting local people whether on a one-to-one basis or as a group. Maybe a community centre with projects that have had a long-lasting impact on the community. Perhaps they have delivered even against significant financial challenges or achieved results despite facing difficulties.
ID Verde

Young Hero of the Year

Celebrates the remarkable achievements of those under the age of 18 who have made a positive difference to others through education, campaigning, volunteering or helping another overcome a difficult situation or personal problem.
Clarion Futures

Business in the Community

Help us recognise a business which supports or makes a positive contribution to benefit and enhance community life. It could be that they support a local charity somehow, sponsor a team, or never fail to support community events. Don’t forget companies that have high standards when it comes to reducing their environmental impact, or who promote the green agenda to customers and the community.
The Orchards

Community for All Award 

We are looking for the person, group or business that has done the most to work in harmony with others to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion with the aim to positively discourage discrimination. Of particular interest are initiatives around networking and mutual support between local people, projects and businesses where the benefits are for the whole district, crossing community lines and involving people from all backgrounds and sectors
Jobs Go Public

Environment and Climate Champion

We want to celebrate an individual or group who has demonstrated a commitment to delivering sustainability initiatives which will help to combat climate change or enhance the natural environment. For example, encouraging recycling and minimising waste, and implementing measures to reduce carbon emissions.
Places Leisure

Community Hero of the Year

Help us recognise someone who goes to remarkable lengths to help others, from inspiring carers, campaigners, fundraisers, or someone with creative talent or skill, maybe a paid professional who has gone to show an unparalleled commitment to their work with spirit, good humour and devotion.
CJ Founds and Assoc

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is especially for anyone who has worked tirelessly and constantly for the benefit of others over a sustained period of time. It could be a volunteer, fundraiser, community leader, charity supporter or businessperson. What matters is they have devoted a significant number of years to the activity.

Past Winners

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